To see the city reconciled to God and to one another.

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Apostles Church was birthed because of a tension that exists in our city.  There is a glaring division in St. Louis. This division is one of ethnicity and socio-economic position. This disparity was put on display internationally through the events in Ferguson in 2014, but have been evident for decades along one specific street in St. Louis city. 

Delmar Blvd is an incredibly important street in St. Louis. It is commonly referred to as the Delmar Divide. This is the geographical manifestation of the ethnic and socio-economic barriers that exist all around St. Louis. The north side of Delmar is almost completely African American and poor while the south side of Delmar is mostly Caucasian and affluent. This has been the reality for decades in St. Louis.

Apostles Church is birthed out of the idea that God saves people from different places and unifies them into one family. Then, He sends them out to announce that reconciliation with God and with one another is possible through the Gospel of Jesus Christ!  The church, or ekklesia in the Greek, is the called out people of God. Apostles, or apostolos in the Greek, means the sent messengers of God. Apostles Church is a people of God, called out of the division in our city to be ministers of reconciliation.  

Our vision is to see the city reconciled to God and to one another.