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kenya’s story:

Kenya grew up right here on the north side of St. Louis. Being personally affected and exposed to the hardships and trauma of living in one of the most neglected communities in St. Louis, Kenya went to college in order to never have to live in that type of community again. While in college, the Lord begin to give her a desire to see black women discipled, equipped, and commissioned to walk with God forever and to help others to do the same. 

Ultimately, her love and passion is to see black neighborhoods transformed by the grace of God. After obtaining her degree at Southeast Missouri State University in 2018 she was led back to the very place she wanted to abandon and joined the mission and vision at Apostles Church. 

In addition to her work at here at Apostles, Kenya is currently pursuing her Masters of Theological Studies at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary through the 3:14 Institute. 

Please consider joining her as she embarks on this journey.

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