Apostles Church is dedicated to helping families build a gospel foundation by giving children a safe place to play and learn about Jesus.


As representatives of Jesus, we have a heightened duty to shelter and safeguard our children.  Please report to the Children’s Ministry Director any safety concerns that may arise.  To help protect our children, all Team Members must follow the following policies:

  • Background Check: Each Team Member must submit to a background check by filling out a volunteer application.  Our children’s safety is paramount, and all necessary steps will be taken to ensure our children’s safety.
  • Two Crew Policy: No Team Member is permitted to be alone with a child under any circumstances.  Another team member or other children must always be present.


Remember that Sunday morning is the one time during the week that parents and children are spending a concerted amount of time learning about God, and experiencing his love.  So, we must always set aside whatever issues we may be experiencing from the week, and focus exclusively on creating a fun, cheerful and encouraging environment for our children to learn about Jesus.  For instance:

  • Give a lot of high-fives (or your personal equivalent).  
  • Smile.
  • Welcome families and children warmly by name.
  • Have fun yourself!


We are committed to providing the children and families of Apostles Church with Gospel centered teaching and materials. Apostles Church has a curriculum that includes the story of Creation, Fall, Jesus, Redemption and Restoration. We believe that, even at a young age, children are able to hear and receive the heroic story of Jesus. With this curriculum, weekly activities and resources that may be provided to parents we give our children a picture of God that portrays his love for all people, of all cultures, and our deep need for this love.


In order to serve on kids you must:

  1. Be a covenant member at Apostles Church
  2. Have and pass a Background check


0-2 years
Infants and toddlers up to two years of age are welcome in this class during the sermon portion of our worship gathering. Volunteers will supervise and care for your child while allowing them to explore and play in a clean, safe environment. 

3-7 years
This class is a place for early learners to enjoy a simple, gospel-centered lesson, fun crafts, games and other activities during the sermon portion of our worship gathering. Adult volunteers facilitate the lesson and supervise play. A small snack is also provided.